Logo Sibelius AcademyJunior Academy of the Sibelius Academy Helsinki

Sibelius Academy's Junior Academy performs a nationally important cultural mission. Its purpose is to introduce musically gifted young people to a high-level music community and education before they enter a university. The Junior Academy has a significant impact on the results of education and artistic activities at Sibelius Academy, and many of the Junior Academy students continue their studies at Sibelius Academy as bachelor- and master-level students.

The Junior Academy is for school-aged young people in Finland with exceptional musical aptitude. All Junior Academy students write an individual Junior Academy study plan, which includes goals for music education in addition to the educational goals of basic education and upper secondary education. Youth education after the age of compulsory school education is always oriented toward later, university level music education. Sibelius Academy is responsible for providing the highest level of music education in Finland. The Academy trains artists skilled in independent artistic work, teachers and other music professionals.

Sibelius Academy is also responsible for developing the Finnish music culture and fostering music tradition. Artistic activities are one of the main missions of the Academy, and public concerts serve as its public display. Due to the nature of the Academy, there are hundreds of concerts annually. They comprise a significant number of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area's concert selection.